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"In the symphony of life, every note resonates with a story. Through More Than Classic, we bring these stories together, weaving music with the vibrant threads of art, sports, and technology to create a harmonious tapestry rich in culture and diversity. Let's take an inspiring journey through music, culture, and harmony."

Irina Pak

More Than Classic stands for a new approach to classical music and cultural events, led by the artistic director and violinist Irina Pak (learn more)
We wish not only to present music, but to reinvent how we experience it by integrating it with other art forms and aspects of life such as sports, technology and media, travel and culinary.

Since our foundation in 2017, our motivation has been: innovation, moments and emotions.
We have initiated innovative projects in collaboration with TEDx, Hauser & Wirth, Maag Halle Zurich, the Fifa Museum, Zurich Airport, with BMX artist Chris Böhm and others. These projects have gained momentum and have been developed further.

One of our current project, Immersive Classic, is a new and unusual concert format developed in collaboration with PROJEKTIL, a Zurich-based artist collective. These performances combine the possibilities of technology with the expressive power of music and take place in inspiring venues. We are proud to present Immersive Classic events, that are unique in the world of classical music.

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A vibrant fusion of classical music, art, sports and technology, that creates unforgettable and unique concert experiences.

More Than Classic is a Zurich-based non-profit organization that reimagines classical music performances by creating innovative and unconventional concert experiences. They challenge traditional norms through creative expression and artistic excellence, making music accessible and relevant to today's audience.

More than Classic

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More Than Classic presents innovative musical events that transcend traditional boundaries to inspire a wider audiences by unique cultural experiences.

Our Mission


At More Than Classic, we believe in the power and beauty of classical music. It brings strangers and friends together, it touches people to their core, it is a source of joy and imagination. That's why we want to make the experience of classical music unifying, relevant and accessible for today's generations of concertgoers. We want to bring music to the people, with their changed listening, viewing and reception habits. In doing so, we rethink the concert format, surprising people with innovative ideas, unusual combinations, and diverse stories.

Our Goals


The aim is to inspire audiences with unique and high-quality musical experiences. We develop innovative concert formats and programs that are new in this form. Innovation, unforgettable moments, and emotions are at the heart of our events. In terms of content, we play with interdisciplinary combinations of music and other art forms, but also with non-artistic activities such as new technologies, sport, travel and food, and sometimes also choose unusual performance venues. Our concerts are an invitation to everyone who wants to experience "More Than Classic".