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More than Classic

2018, Zurich

Irina Pak

Co-Founder, Artistic Director 

Irina was born to Korean parents in Novosibirsk, Siberia. She started playing the violin at the age of 5  and was recognized as an exceptional talent at a young age. At 20 she moved to Switzerland to further develop her career . As a result, she won competitions at national and international level and performed as a soloist in renowned concert halls such as the Berlin Philharmonic and the Vienna Musikverein. Today Irina is a member of the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich. In addition to her teaching activities, she also gives master classes and is also a member of the council and artistic advisor of the Petersburg Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting young Russian musical talent.

    My great passion is making music and interacting with the audience. It gives me the opportunity to express myself in the language I know best: music. Versatility and innovation are key to my self-image, and it inspires me to explore new creative possibilities on larger platforms. At the same time, I am very open to cross-style concepts and rare repertoire. I think that More than Classic can open new horizons, new ways of understanding the world and life through the language of music - and it will bring new emotional experiences

Dorothy Yeung

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Born in London, she gained her first musical experience at the age of 3 on the piano. As an agent at the IMG Artists agency, Dorothy has already worked with the greatest classical music stars. In 2010 she went to Switzerland  and enriched her project portfolio as Director of Tours and Events for Universal Music, as General Manager of the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic and in the Verbier Artistic Team festivals Dorothy's competence lies above all in the Schöpfung innovative live events in unusual places. Her great drive is  bringing people together for new musical experiences .

I have worked in very successful but traditional organizations. In order to create something completely new in classical music, one has to go far beyond known boundaries. You place something outside of your usual environment and mix it up with things that don't seem to fit together on paper. When you match them, when you merge the two together, it becomes something great. I think that "More than Classic" opens the door to new possibilities and perspectives and will touch the hearts of many people

Gunter Goren



Long-standing investment banker in Frankfurt, London and Zurich, various  supervisory/board of directors mandates, co-curator China-Lounge Frankfurt. 


Through my long-standing relationships with the countries of the Far East, especially with China, I know how important new ideas and projects are. With "More than Classic" by Irina and Dorothy, I'm happy to help with my experience from the world of finance and as a lover of concert music and opera.

Matthias von Bauszner

Artistic Advisor


Was a cellist in his first life, then managed orchestras and festivals, worked for 12 years at the Zurich Opera House and
now develops projects in the wide field of culture with his company “ravanello music productions”.



I can't understand why people are afraid of new ideas. I'm afraid of the old ones.

John Cage.

Thomas Heinrich Eggenberger


Various activities in the  financial sector, founder of the GT Group in 1992 (family office/real estate/art trade), various mandates on boards of directors and foundations, founder of Teatro Soladino, organizer of cultural events.



I've always been searching for paradise on earth - music can help...

Ivo Johannes Bechtiger



Runs a family office in Zurich and was a professional board member in various companies. 


I love classical music and would like to contribute to the preservation of our culture.

Ueli Steinle

organizational consultant


20 years of global management for HR Giger (Oscar award winner), since 2000 developer of Stars in Concert International, Mandates for Sihlcity, Ringier and Swisscom, founder of Ugly Partyhaus and Magic Factory

I combine art with showbiz and gastronomy trends.

Our Mission​​

New ideasform the key to our events, giving priceless moments, unforgettable experiences
and emotions arise. 

The music, presented with the highest professional  claims and in all its facets, forms the center. 

The connection with other media and cultural events creates fascinating onesperspectivesfor the  acceptance and listening behavior:More than Classic!

Music for Happiness

     Music for Energy

          Music for Everyday

Our Goals 

We bring onenew generation of listenersand
listenerstogether, coming from different social and
cultural areas. 

westart in 2018and plan in the following ones
years an increase in the number of concerts.


We createunusual, high-quality formats, the
music with other arts and extra-artistic ones
Activities such as sports, travel, culinary and technology


We acquire inZurichand hisregioninspiring
concert venues.


Our events receive regional and international

Our partners

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