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Music & Sport – football in concert

Composition commission to Lucy Landymore


This is our first official concert of "More than Classic". It will take place on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 7 p.m. in the Tonhalle Maag in Zurich.


To launch "More than Classic" we deliberately commissioned new music. This reflects our passion for innovation and new ways of presenting music. The concert is a live music performance by seven exceptional instrumentalists, playing in ensembles and also appearing as soloists. The music will be played in sync with the live stream of the World Cup match between Group A and Group B (1/8 round), which FIFA announced to us as one of the most exciting matches.


We will bring together an audience consisting of classical concertgoers (e.g. Tonhalle audience) as well as football clubs in and around Zurich, jazz lovers (ZHdK, clubs and jam sessions), drummers and percussion students, fans and schools.


The musical accompaniment of the football game is created in the moment and reflects the emotions, the passion and the events during the football game. We are very grateful that after an intensive search we were able to win the internationally highly recognized and renowned composer and multi-percussionist, Lucy Landymore from Great Britain for our project. In this context, she is not only engaged as a composer, but will also direct the ensemble. 


It works with:

Lucy Landymore, drums, London

Andreas Berger, drums, Zurich

Dave Marks, Bass, London

Irina Pak, violin, Zurich

David Stauffacher, drums, Zurich

Bernhard Schoch, trumpet, Zurich

Alex Wilson, keyboards, Zurich


As part of our Music & Sport theme, we put on an exciting pre-concert show BMX & Soccer & Violin with special guest Chris Böhm (BMX Guinness World Record Holder). To the rhythm of modern music by Irina Pak (violin), Chris Böhm and a soccer player will perform groundbreaking tricks. Current, official world records may even be broken.

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