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More than



"More than Classic" is one of the most exciting things that classical music and the city of Zurich has experienced so far - an innovative approach that opens up new ways of discovering music! The heart of "More than Classic" is the extraordinary. We want to provide access to young composers and present music in a new form and perspective. We want to offer listeners "more than" an ordinary concert experience - beyond usual! This summer we are opening our first series of events and are already encountering widespread interest and great support. We were already able to convince well-known organizations of our concept this year and win them over for cooperation.


Our performances take place at very different venues and in unusual settings (from intimate to large).


For example, we will perform as part of the TEDx Züriberg on July 3, 2018 and play newly composed classical music in front of a football-loving audience on June 16, 2018 at the FIFA World Football Museum.


Here are the most important points of our concert program for 2018:

  • 06/30/2018: Music & Sports (Tonhalle Maag Zurich)

  • July 1st, 2018: Music & Discovery (Zunfthaus zur Waag)

  • 25.11.2018: Music & Travel (Zurich Airport)



"More than Classic" is an association in which professionals from all areas contribute to the best possible quality of our organization with the purpose of making classical music available to a wider audience through unusual ideas and innovative concerts and concepts in Zurich. We are inclusive and encourage many different people to join our association and hear our music at the concerts.

The vision of "More than Classic"

It is time to change the direction of the motivation for going to a concert: the audience does not have to come to us, but we come to the people with their changed listening, seeing and accepting behavior. This happens on the one hand in terms of content with the combination of music and non-artistic activities such as sports, travel, food and new technologies, on the other hand also spatially through the choice of unusual venues. When music is connected to other levels, there are countless opportunities to develop creative programs that have not previously existed in this form. This results in a win-win situation for all circles involved in musical life.


The greatest passion of "More than Classic" is making music and exchanging new ideas with the audience. This gives us the opportunity to express ourselves in the language we know best: music. New ideas are the key to our events, creating priceless moments, unforgettable experiences and emotions.


Innovation and versatility play a key role in our identity and inspire us to explore new creative possibilities on larger platforms. At the same time, we are very open to interdisciplinary concepts and rare repertoire. "More than Classic" can open new horizons, a new way of understanding the world and life through the language of music - and it will bring new emotional experiences.


Irina Pak, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, and Dorothy Yeung, Managing Director, have worked in very successful but traditional organizations. In order to create something completely new in classical music, one has to go far beyond known boundaries. You place something outside of your usual environment and mix it up with things that don't seem to fit together on paper. If you coordinate them, if you fuse the two together, it becomes something great. We think "More than Classic" opens doors to new possibilities and perspectives, which will touch the hearts of many people.


We bring together a new generation of listeners who come from different social and cultural backgrounds. We play at inspiring concert venues in Zurich and the region. Our desire is to boost lasting relationships, implement ideas and inspire a diverse audience. We are sure that this will give new impulses to the high cultural attractiveness of Zurich and the surrounding area.


We start in 2018 and plan to expand the number of concerts in the years to come. For the implementation of our project we kindly ask the city of Zurich for support.

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