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1 July 2018, 11 a.m., Zunfthaus zur Waag


This is our chamber music matinee with old and new tones. The program consists of a highlight of classical chamber music, a Swiss premiere and the presentation of the "More than Classic" innovation prize.


This concert is about discoveries: Discovering a contemporary classical musical work that has never been performed in Switzerland and discovering one of the most exciting and innovative Swiss start-ups in the field of science & technology, which has been awarded the "More than Classic" prize. 2018 Awarded for Innovation. With this we want to explore the connection between music and science & technology. Music is art and science at the same time. She teaches us that sound is vibration and that the frequency of vibration creates different sounds. Music is the study of the sound produced by these vibrations and putting them into patterns which in turn trigger emotions. Both music and science use physical principles and logic mixed with creative thinking and inspiration to arrive at enlightening and inspiring solutions. It is said: "Science is the music of the intellect, and music is the science of the heart".

Playing at the chamber music concert:


Aleksey Igudesman, violin, Vienna

Irina Pak, violin, Zurich

Benjamin Nyffenegger, cello, Zurich

Dominik Fischer, viola

Roman Patkolo, double bass, Zurich

Francois-Xavier Poizat, piano, Puplinge



Franz Schubert

Piano Quintet ("Trout Quintet") A major, D 667, op. posth 114

1. Allegro vivace

2. Andante

3. Scherzo. Presto

4. Subjects with variations. Andantino

5. Allegro giusto


Aleksey Igudesman (*1973) Turkish Dance Suite “From Edirne to Kars”

1. Edirne for piano quintet

2. Izmir for viola and cello

3. Ankara for violin, cello and piano

4. Batman for piano four hands

5. Istanbul for string quartet

6. Giresun for two violins and piano

7. Kars for piano quintet

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