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Music & Travel
November 25, 2018, 3 p.m., at Zurich Airport


An anniversary concert for the 15th birthday of Zurich Airport's big band.

Motto: from swing to classical music.

We have many favorite pieces of music that have accompanied us on our unforgettable journeys. Among them are pieces that we have come to love. We associate this music with beautiful memories of our travels.

Music and travel are a perfect couple.


Music is an integral part of the travel experience, whether it's anticipating creating playlists for the trip or just soaking up the sounds around you when you're on vacation. Music can fill travel moments with wonder, it can energize to persevere in everyday moments, and seeing live music in a foreign city can be more valuable than any travel guide as you can meet like-minded locals and travelers alike.


Music can connect us to a place, it creates sonic memories, because travel is not just a glimpse of sights or a taste of local cuisine. Music is at the center of many people's travel experiences and it brings many new experiences.


Together with the airport orchestra, "More than Classic" presents music related to travel. We will inspire travelers, their families and friends, people who work at the airport and many others, evoking feelings of happiness, nostalgia and memories. "More than Classic" will support the big band with a professional string ensemble (4/3/2/2/1) and will not only offer them new sounds, but also new dimensions of programming from jazz to classical and contemporary music bring. In addition, we have commissioned the renowned Swiss composer Daniel Schnyder, who will take up the theme of travel in his work and integrate the music of Swiss towns and villages.


Our anniversary concert is presented by:

Zurich Airport Orchestra

Sandro Oberholzer, conductor

LGT Young Soloists (tbc)



A selection of pieces from swing to classical music, including the world premiere of Daniel Schnyder's commissioned work for "More than Classic".

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