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1 July 2018, 11am, Zunfthaus zur Waag


This will be our Chamber Music Matinee with old and new sounds and the presentation of the 2018 More than Classic Prize for innovation in the field of science and technology.

From one night to the next morning, we will go from the contemporary new concert hall of Zürich to an elegant 17th Century guild house. Our matinee chamber music concert is about discoveries. Discovering a contemporary classical music work that has never been performed in Switzerland before and discovering one of the most exciting and innovative Swiss start-ups in the field of science & technology and honouring them with the 2018 More than Classic Prize for innovation.  We want to embrace the link between music and science & technology. Music is both an art and a science. It teaches us that sound is vibration and the frequency of vibration is what makes different sounds. Music is the study of the sound created by those vibrations and puts them into patterns that elecit emotion. Both Music and science use physical principles and logic, blended with creative thinking and inspiration to arrive at conclusions that are both enlightening and inspirational. It is said that, “Science is the music of the intellect, and Music is the science of the heart”.


Our matinee programme will consist of a classical chamber music favourite, a Swiss premiere and the 2018 More than Classic Prize for innovation. The winner of the prize will present their project during the concert and a piece will be performed that has been inspired by the project.


Our chamber music concert will be present by:


Irina Pak, violin, Zürich

Aleksey Ingudesman, violin, Zürich

Benjamin Nyffenegger, cello, Zürich

Dominik Fischer, Viola, Zürich

Roman Patkolo, double bass, Zürich

Francois-Xavier Poizat, piano, Puplinge

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