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25th November 2018, 3pm, at the Flughafen Zürich


A Jubiläumskonzert to celebrate the 15th birthday of the Flughafen Zürich’s Big-Band - Swing to classical music.


There are many favourite pieces of music that we have travelled with during our most memorable trips. There is even music that we have never liked, grew to hate, and then learnt to love, because it bring back the incredible memories from that European holiday.


Music and travel are a perfect pairing.


Music is an essential part of the travel experience, whether you excitedly make playlists for your journey or just soak up the sounds around you when you are on holiday. Music can infuse travel moments with wonder, it can give you energy to persevere during mundane moments and going to see live music in a foreign city can be more valuable than any travel guide as you can meet like-minded locals and travellers.


Music can connect us to a place, they make aural memories because travel is about all the sense, not just looking at the sights, or tasting the local food. Music is the centre of many people’s travel experiences and music brings new experiences.


More than Classic will collaborate with the Flughafen Zürich to present a Jubiläumskonzert to celebrate the 15th birthday of the Flughafen Zürich’s Big-Band on the 25th November 2018, 3pm, at Zürich Flughafen. The programming will be music related to travel. We will inspire, bring feelings of happiness, nostalgia and memories to travellers, their family and friends, people who are working at the airport and others. More than Classic will introduce a new sound to the Big-Band by bringing in Zürich professional violins, viola, cellos and double basses which will inspire a new dimension of programming ranging from swing and jazz to classical and contemporary. There will also be a commissioned work, by the well-renowned Swiss composer Daniel Schynder, to celebrate the link between music and travel, taking themes from Swiss cities and villages.


Our Jubiläumskonzert will be present by:


Flughafen-Orchester Zürich

Sandro Oberholzer, Dirigent

LGT Young Soloists (tbc)

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